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What if we could fix the future of work for 41 million Americans right now?

Working-class adults have been disproportionately hurt by automation, globalization, and the Great Recession. Massive job losses and downward pressure on the wages and careers of 41 million Americans have left many families struggling despite a tight labor market. Compounding this challenge, the jobs of the future will require even more education and training—a broader set of uniquely “human” skills and technical competencies—than the jobs of the past.

On-ramps to Good Jobs: Fueling Innovation for the Learning Ecosystem of the Future, a new report from Strada Institute for the Future of Work and Entangled Solutions, explores on-ramps, a nascent market of innovative programs tailored specifically for working-class Americans. 

Our report analyzes nine on-ramps out of a known market of 65. With wrap-around support and navigational tools that are designed to reduce education and hiring frictions, on-ramps help adult learners access the right tools and training to develop their human+ skills and gain the relevant work experience that lead to good jobs and better careers.

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