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Rise & Design is an advisory/consulting firm for organizations seeking to design toward the future and develop significant strategic initiatives or an innovation agenda. 

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We tackle complexity.


At Rise & Design, we excel at:

  • Thought partnership and executive advisory services with high engagement value

  • Strategic planning and future-proofing strategies that are not only data-driven but more importantly, put individuals and the barriers they face at the center

  • Research and insights in service of innovation, incubation. Identifying what comes next? How to leapfrog—not chase—your competitors

  • Applying strategic intelligence and design thinking to drive innovation and growth opportunities

  • Curriculum or program redesign for workforce readiness and alignment with labor market needs

  • Storytelling and mobilizing for action

  • Holistic approaches to collaboration services, including designing-thinking and change management thinking, foresight training, shifting behaviors and mindsets, and transforming your organization

Current & Past Advisory Work 

A renowned expert in disruptive innovation, design thinking and lifelong learning, Michelle Weise leverages the theories of disruption to illuminate hidden opportunities that increase innovation and transform cultures. Some organizations that have benefited from Weise’s expertise include the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, National University, Imaginable Futures, Strada Education Network, and Southern New Hampshire University.


For Businesses

Workshops for businesses include primers on disruptive innovation and how to leverage Christensen’s theories to spot disruptions on the margins. Weise also uses foresight and futures thinking to help businesses design new business models for future sustainability. This includes a clearer understanding of parsing signals from the noise, evaluating potential threats, and reimagining product offerings to meet the needs of nonconsumers, or those who are currently unserved by today’s market offerings. These highly engaging and creative workshops pave the way for a new blueprint for delivering value and generating new streams of revenue.


For Higher Education Institutions

Workshops for higher education institutions are geared toward schools that understand that the learner market is shifting in tectonic ways and are seeking to create more on- and off-ramps in and out of learning and work. These are postsecondary institutions that understand that although they serve current students well, they must also make way for a growing universe of more mature learners who are seeking more direct connections to good work and specific skills. The real opportunity for educators is to push the boundaries of what is possible with the things that are in their control. This is the core focus of Weise’s workshops with postsecondary institutions. Weise combines academic and business experience to show organizations how to make the most with what they already have.

View Michelle's past design work

Working with Todd Shafer, architect at Perry Dean Rogers, Michelle designed a physical innovation space at Southern New Hampshire University for brainstorming, collaboration, movement, and connection—what she calls, play.

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