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Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

We are living through a time of immense disruption the full scale of which we don’t yet fully understand. The pandemic has caused millions to lose their jobs and changed the business models of entire industries. Understanding the skills now needed in the labour market and the level of reskilling required is further complicated by the rise of artificial intelligence and automation.

So what does the future of work now look like and how can companies and individuals navigate the next few years?

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ A more positive vision for the future of work

▪ The lack of a common skills taxonomy

▪ Data infrastructure for talent mobility

▪ Why employers are struggling to articulate the skills they have and recognise the gaps

▪ The role of technology

▪ Restructuring the working day to enable reskilling

▪ Developing an “Education GPS”

▪ What does the future look like and how can we solve these problems

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