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How Universities Should Respond to the Changing Nature of Work

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

What does the future of human work look like and how can universities help prepare our current and next generation for this dramatic change? Join Michelle R. Weise, Senior Vice President, Workforce Strategies, Strada Education Network & Chief Innovation Officer, Strada Institute for the Future of Work, in discussing how large traditional universities like Mason should respond to the changing nature of work and the imperative to do a better job at identifying and making more transparent the skills that students are developing across their educational lifecycles.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Are we in a new industrial revolution where major change centers around the work we do? Or is that a bunch of hype and true revolution and things like AI are lightyears away?

  • New assessment-related and pedagogical ideas appear to be emerging in boot camps, often community colleges, and trade schools. What is the implication for the 4-year degree granting university?

  • Can you offer some examples of companies or institutions that are responding to this change in the future of work – what are they doing to help break the current pathways from college to work?

  • What kind of “wrap around” services do we need for the adult learner? Where have you seen this done well?

  • Take us out 20 years from now – how will universities be responding to the workers of the future in 20 years?

First published on Pathbreakers:

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