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How do we prepare for jobs that don't even exist yet?

Dr. Michelle R. Weise leads Rise & Design, offering strategic consulting and advisory services for organizations seeking to design innovative education and workforce strategies for an uncertain world of work ahead.

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About Michelle

Author of the acclaimed book Long Life Learning: Preparing For Jobs that Don’t Even Exist Yet (Wiley, 2021), Dr. Michelle Weise is refocusing the conversation about the future of work to center on the future of workers.


Weise leverages the framework of a learning ecosystem to reveal the five principles that enable working learners to thrive in an uncertain world of work. These principles around career navigation, wraparound supports, targeted education, integrated earn and learn opportunities, and fair and transparent hiring practices are the keys to unlocking business model innovation and a virtuous cycle of continuous returns to learning throughout a longer work life.

Learners of the future will repeatedly seek out educational opportunities throughout longer work lives with no beginning, middle, and end.

How will we keep up?