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Ten expert predictions that will shape the future of work

Will the future of work be the future people want? Citrix and Quartz recently asked a panel of workplace experts, or WXperts, from Deloitte, IBM, Twitter, Yale University, and other hives of thought leadership, to peer into the future. Read on for their predictions—and get started preparing your organization for the next 15 years.

Learning will be a lifelong pursuit—and job requirement

Michelle R. Weise

Author of Long Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Even Exist Yet

“Technology’s transformation of nearly every facet of our economy means that we will all need to develop new skills and knowledge at a pace—and on a scale—never before seen. Ongoing skill development will become a way of life.

“But the good jobs of the future will require even more postsecondary education and training—and a broader set of skills and competencies—than the jobs of the past. Most workers can already sense that things are different now—that they must somehow skill up. And this is where things get really stuck.

“The more we learn about the future of work, the more we must shift our efforts to reimagining the future of learning. With no end in sight for the rapid changes in work ahead, we are all at one point or another—whether we’re 18, 25, 45, or 65—going to have to rethink our path in life. We will come to a juncture at which we’ll have to upskill or retool ourselves through more education in order to keep up with the changing needs of our economy.”

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