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We know that our guests are eager learners and hungry for education. On this episode of TalentTalk with PeopleG2 CEO and host, Chris Dyer, and guests, Michelle Weise, Author of, “Long Life Learning”; and Chuck Cooper, Managing Member at WhiteWater Consulting. We discussed navigating better economic opportunities, HR AI opportunities, how to attract & retain high performing employees, and more. First up, Education & Workforce Strategist, Thinkers50 Radar List 2021, and Author of Long Life Learning, Michelle Weise. We discuss how today's workforce is different from years past and how educators and employers can adjust to this. We’re covering how to improve the skills gap and a “new ecosystem for education.”

Stay tuned for Chuck Cooper, Managing Member at WhiteWater Consulting, who is passionate about helping business owners navigate the world of HR through consulting, education, analysis and solutions, to eliminate the fear, uncertainty and doubt business owners have when it comes to solving their people problems. We discuss what the future of work look like for small and midsize companies, how COVID has impacted employee engagement and mental health, what leaders can do to help their employees deal with mental health challenges, and how employee benefit strategies are impacting talent retention and employee engagement. You’ll want to tune in to this discussion for more on how the pandemic changed leadership and talent management needs and how the economy and education systems need to play catch up.

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