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Getting Ready for Jobs of Tomorrow with Dr. Michelle Weise

HRchat Podcast - Interviews with HR, Talent and Tech Experts

Feel like you're a job hopper? You're not alone! Turns out job hopping — and switching fields — are about to become the reality for most of us, says today's HRchat guest.

Joining Bill is education and workforce strategist Dr. Michelle Weise.

Questions Include:

* You talk about how the future of work is the future of education. What do you mean by that?

* Tell me about your book, Long-Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Even Exist Yet - what's it about, who it's aimed at and what are some of the hoped-for learning outcomes?

* What advice would you give to leaders and HR managers about how to shape an effective L&D program that supports worker retention and advancement?

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