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Get Reworked Podcast: Are You Ready for the 100-Year Career?

It's quite possible that people now entering the workforce could hold 20 or even 30 jobs over the span of a career that will last far longer than it has in the past. And the skills they learned to prepare for the jobs of today will be obsolete in record time.

In this episode of Get Reworked, Dr. Michelle Weise, senior advisor at Imaginable Futures, joins us to talk about what this all means for the future of workplace education. She shares insights from her recent book, "Long Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs that Don't Even Exist Yet."

The short story? What we've done in the past isn't going to cut it anymore.

In this episode, Michelle explains how medical advances are making a 150-year life span a reality, meaning the next generation of workers could very well have a career that spans a century. Highlights of the conversation include:

  • What extended careers mean for education, both at school and at work.

  • The role of companies in helping workers reskill and upskill.

  • The skills we'll need to thrive in the jobs that haven't even been created yet.

  • How lifelong learning is like a spiral staircase.

Plus, co-hosts Mike Prokopeak and Siobhan Fagan share how their first jobs quite possibly violated multiple child labor laws, but the lessons learned carry on to this day. Listen in for more.

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